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Gogo Hutano

Traditionaly in Zimbabwe and other african countries,  it is the role of  grandparents and older aunts to teach  younger generations about health, hygiene and well being.

Gogo in shona directly translated is "grandmother". Hutano is to do with health and hygiene. Gogo Hutano is the title and term of endearement given to community health workers and  those who champion health and hygiene.

Triumph  Africa 's dedicated team of Gogo Hutanos  receives  on going training on Health & Hygiene, Nutrition, Dementia Awareness and Palliative Care. They attend day centre programmes and activities as well as visiting older people in their homes.

Inspired by the  community of Gogo Olympians in  South Africa, our team is currently  building a range of sporting activities at the day centres   in an effort to combat loneliness and encourage  physical exercise in a fun social setting.

Our Day Centres run twice a week in most locations and we are working to extend our network which is ran through local partners including churches and schools. They offer a range of craft  activities,      a light meal ,  training on nutrition,    agribusiness, improving  crop yields, needlework and sewing and carer training sessions on dementia awareness as well as  palliative care.

DMT Chivunga Award

Through our schools partnership programme in addition to dementia awareness talks,  triumph holds bi-annual  short  story competition on the topic "My  grandparent/  great aunt/great uncle".  The top prize includes publication of the story in the Arise Africa Magazine. The competition encourages  children to spend time with and to learn about the life journey's of their older relatives. On the other hand it also helps continue Africa's fond   storytelling  tradition.

We empower older people to work together to improve their income streams through providing information, training, supporting smallholder farmers, supporting entreprenuerships and community cooperative projects.

Often financial security is dependent on other factors including land use, access and ownership and accessing state pensions. We work with and for older men and women to access and secure their investments, entitlement and or property.

Financial Security

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 Community Diary

Gogo Foundation is our first grantee organisation in Malawi. Here is a short clip from one of their recent community outreach initiatives supporting older people.

The Chinhoyi Day Centre in Zimbabwe had a busy 2017. Here are a few captured moments from their Christmas celebrations as they closed the year off.


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