Triumph Africa is a non-governmental organisation working for and with older people in Africa. Our vision is of Africa in which all older people lead an active, healthy, dignified life with access to healthcare, a range of retirement options and where their rights are protected.

Triumph  Africa was originally founded  by the late Elizabeth Immanuel in 1995   as a registered trust supporting widows and orphans in Zimbabwe.

Triumph Africa's programs have since been established in Sierra Leone and are poised to extend their reach to Rwanda, and Kenya

We are dedicated to reaching more  older people via  our daycentres   and healthworker outreach programs.

Our values

In working towards our vision and aims, we will demonstrate the following values:

Humility - We humbly serve   others and  each other with an openness to listen and  learn.

Integrity & accountability - We will be open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with, and with each other.

Collaboration - We respect and value each other, thrive on our diversity, and work with partners to leverage our strength in making a difference for older people

Dream Big -  We aim to reach and positvely impact lives of older people for generations to come. Think scale  and  sustainability.

David Chivunga is our board Chairperson. He has been married to Rebecca Chivunga for over 60 years. David is a decendant of Chief Chihota and recently retired from his role as Sabhuku (Chief's Council) in Kaski, Chegutu. He is a retired Logistics Professional with over 50years experience in smallholder farming. Rebecca comes from a pioneering cotton farming background in Msengezi. Rebecca aslo ran a women's group for over 20 years as part of her church leadership team. Through this she led and established a number of community and cooperative initiatives.

David and Rebecca's farms and market gardening projects have produced maize for the commercial market and pumpkins, sweet potatoes, green beans, peanuts, nyimo (Vigna subterranea), tomatoes, rape and onions for local markets in Zimbabwe.

They continue to run orchards and a small scale dairy holding  as part of their farms community outreach. This provides mangoes, guavas, peaches, bananas, magaka (Kiwano/african horned cucumber), mazhanje, milk and soured milk to local families free of charge.

Award winning farmer and agribusiness business.

Surgical doctor and an advocate for women's rights 

Father's Bossom International founder and comunty leader.

Cecil Mderede


Dr. Zuliana Banda


Dennies Kambonga


Jean-Pierre Riviere

Global Operations Director

Business and risk management proffessional with strategy implementation specialism

Tendai D Immanuel

Executive Director

Award winning international development & sustainable development goals specialist, elder rights advocate

Roseline Zuze

Community Progammes


Registered nurse with community nursing specialism

Our Board and Executive

Meet Our Team

Binga, ZWE

Set alongside the powerful Zambezi River, Binga is home to *8,002 older men and women over the age of 60. Our 2400 beneficiaries are supported by our team of dedicated staff and volunteers in Sikalenge, Binga, Sinakoma, Siachilaba and Siansudu wards. Undetterred by the rough terrain our team travel on foot or bicycle to serve the older community spread across this vast district.


Harare, ZWE

The capital city of Zimbabwe is home to *69,476 men and women over 60. It is also home to our country courdinators who coordinate everything from logistics to stakeholder engagement. This team has an infectious can do attitude towards managing , reporting and reviewing all our programmes countrywide.


Chinhoyi, ZWE

Home the outstandingly beautiful and mysterious Chinhoyi Caves. Chinhoyi is home to *2,483 men and women over the age of 60. Our Chinhoyi team are supported by Gogo Huanto (Registered Community Healthworker) as they serve the older community in  both the city of Chinhoyi and Banket Township. This vibrant team has a passion for music and often have live music performance on their day centre days.


Lilongwe, MLW

Zikomo, muli bwanji? Greetings from our implementation partners in Lilongwe. *87,417 men and women over 60 make their home in Lilongwe. Gogo foundation run our sponsored programs in Mitundu where they serve 29 villages. This innovative and dedicated team are joy to partner with.


New York, USA

Our team in the big apple manages our media needs, fundraising efforts and oversee our big event planning  globally.This creative and innovative team have a good eye for detail.

They have under their belt our annual United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) side-event, Chosen women's empowerment retreat and "Counting The Gains" an AFRSD 2020 event that Triumph Africa organised and co-hosted alongside United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the Zimbabwean Government and Helpage International.

Our core activities

  • Advocacy for  the rights of older people
  • Day Centre
  • Dementiatia, stroke, diabetese, prolapse and covid-19 awareness  community and carer training.
  • Nutrition awareness programme
  • Palliative care  training
  • Supporting grandparents caring for orphans.

Fundraising & Audit Offices

27 Old Gloucester Street London,  WC1N 3AX

Email: connect@triumphintl.org    Tel: +(44) 20 3670 4406

Head Office


Shankuru Estate

Glen Esk Road, Box 307


302 Princes Place

Cnr 9th & Livingstone

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Triumph Africa is a registered Trust in Zimbabwe : Registration No. MA001402/19